Friday, 26 September 2014

French song

Year 2 taking part in European Language Day 2014

Frere Jacques
Tres bien!

Music with Scottish cities

Year 2 had fun singing a song with Mrs Kelly this week.  We looked at Scottish cities and towns and put them into a song. Our music lesson helped us with our geography!

Amazing islands

Year 2 have been very busy creating their own islands with modroc! It was a very messy lesson.
We created physical features including the sea, beach, caves, mountains, lochs and hills.
After the modroc dried, we painted our islands (another messy lesson!).
Lastly, we put our human features on. Ask your child what human features they put on their island.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Geography fieldtrip

Year 2 went on a geography fieldtrip around Sandridge village.

We went on our walk to identify physical and human features.

Can you sort these into physical or human features?

road, bus-stop, shop, hill, vegetation, houses, church, farm, lakes, hedgerows,

Traditional Stories!

Year 2 turned the school playground into a fabulous fairy tale setting.

We made a troll bridge, troll gate, a magnificent castle, wonderful woodlands, Jack's beanstalk and a small cottage.

 A few children met an evil, ugly troll on his bridge.
More children met the troll on his gate.

A few girls were trying to climb the beanstalk to rescue Jack!

The wonderful woodlands! I wonder who you might meet here?

 Little Red and Goldilocks going for a stroll in the woods.
 Goldilocks was creeping around the three Little Bears cottage! She tried the porridge.

 The magnificent castle!
 The castle is full.  We have knights, princesses, a queen, a king and deadly dragons! 

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Welcome back!


Year 2 had a fantastic first week back at school.  Our topic is about Scotland so we have been looking at life on a remote Scottish island and linking it to Katie Morag's Isle of Struay.

We worked in groups to create our own islands.  We have also made our own key of physical and human features.  How many human and physical features can you spot?