Thursday, 29 September 2016

Since the start of this term, we have learnt lots about Lowry's artistic style. For instance, his use of colour. Lowry only used 5 key colours in his paintings (I will let the children tell you what those are!) which he mixed to create dark dull colours and shades. He also drew very simple 'matchstick' figures, made up from very simple shapes and hardly any detail. After attempting to draw matchstick figures just like Lowry using charcoal, pen and pencil and mixing colours just like Lowry, the children combined these two skills to create a 'matchstick' Katie Morag! Please enjoy looking at some examples of them in our very own 'Lowry gallery' below...





Thursday, 22 September 2016

Fantastic Mr Fox- Class Two's Creative Collage...

Over the past few weeks Class Two were given the challenge to create a piece of art related to a Roald Dahl book of our choice to take to church with us as part of our Harvest Festival celebrations. We decided to read 'Fantastic Mr Fox' which we thoroughly enjoyed sharing as a class. After coming across an unfamiliar word, 'collage' during our spelling focus on the 'ge' sound, we decided to create our own class collage. Poor Mr. Fox was chopped up into pieces! However, once we put each piece back together our class collage was complete and we think he looks fantastic. We really hope you agree...

Friday, 9 September 2016

Welcome to Class Two!

What a super, first week back we have had in Class Two. Thank you Class Two for being absolute superstars all week, you have tried so hard and have already settled in and learnt so much! Also, a big thank you to Class Two parents for being so friendly and supportive this week. I look forward to meeting you all properly next Tuesday for our 'meet the parents' slot at 9:00.

Have a lovely, restful weekend ready for lots of learning on Monday Class Two.
Please remember your READING BOOKS AND RECORDS and your PE KIT (if it is not already in school.)

Please enjoy laughing at our class photos! (I may have to have a word with the photographer...)

Ps: A big well done to all of our team members who received a certificate this week. Who will it be next week?