Thursday, 30 November 2017

Next week's learning

Next week we will be starting a unit in maths on time and measurement. We will be making little watches but if they have their own analogue watches it would be lovely if they wore it to school for the week. Nothing too expensive though please as they do tend to take them off to show/share!
In English we are writing our reports. The children have all chosen something they would like to write about so if you could talk to them about this, it might give them some more facts to write about.
We are still working on the Christmas play and you are in for a treat! We will be wanting to slowly reduce the use of scripts over the next few days so the more practise the better please!

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

A day in London

I went to London. I saw a disco bus with people and Trafalgar square. I went on the London Eye and the people looked like ants.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

We've got mail!

Thank you Marcus Rashford! We were so excited to receive another delivery. A signed Manchester United book! We were so pleased with this so we went to show the other classes our special delivery. 

This weeks PE lesson

We are currently developing team ga,Es and learning how to work more effectively as a team. We are talking about defence and attacking skills with our group and how to ensure our team stays in the game. You can see how much fun this is but also how serious these team talks are!

Next week's learning

Next week in maths we will be learning about multiplication and division. We will be using number lines to count on in groups for this. We will also look at counting into groups using objects-lentils or small toys would work for this at home.
In English we will be starting a new unit on reports, the children will need to think of an animal they are really interested in so if you could talk to them about this at home that would be great.
We will also be sending home the passwords for Prodigy in homework books on Monday as some of you have asked for these. This isn't an app we have used in year 2 so far but the children enjoyed it so much last year we thought that they could continue using it from home.
We are starting our rehearsals in the hall this week so if you can work on the children's lines with them that would be amazing-the costumes are starting to come out of storage this week but if you have any spare bits we would really appreciate it!

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Remembrance art work

We thought you would enjoy some of our art from the last week. We are excited as we showing this in our assembly today. We used oil pastels to create our pictures and then blended using our fingers (sorry if we came home slightly multi-coloured!).

Monday, 13 November 2017

All different,all equal

This week we are learning about anti-bullying week. We read Something Else by Kathryn Cave and Chris Riddell. It's about a little creature who doesn't have any friends because he wasn't like anyone else. One day that all changed! Ask one of us to find out more. 
We have been drawing around people and inside we have been writing all the things that make us special.

Friday, 10 November 2017

A couple of future teachers?

We were lucky enough to have a couple of guest teachers today for our maths lesson. Two of our boys worked in a previous lesson on a money investigation and decided they wanted to teach this to the class. They did an excellent job and explained the work well however they have excised that for now teaching might not be the profession they wish to go in to. 

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Thank you David Walliams

How excited were we today when we had another delivery in the post. David Walliams has kindly replied to the letter he received and has told us lots about himself. We have decided that receiving letters in the post is such a lovely feeling! Maybe you could do more of this at home.

Next week's learning

Next week we will be writing our traditional tales in English. The children have chosen a traditional tale to write about so you could talk to them about this over the next few days. 
In maths we will be developing our addition and subtraction skills. We will use objects to help us with this so maybe get some items out at home. For example, using cars you could count the cars, __ many go into the garage so how many are left. 
Next week is also anti-bullying week and we will be talking about what makes us the same and what makes us different. 

Monday, 6 November 2017

The Christmas play

You may have noticed we have started to talk about the play in school and some bits have started going home,this is nothing to panic about! We are just starting to read through the play and we thought it would be useful to do this at home too,the children don't need to know their parts off by heart just yet t maybe read through it with them. We will start looking at costumes soon so if you have anything you think might be useful then please have a chat with us.

This week's learning

We will be continuing with fairy tales,we are starting to look at different versions so it might be worth looking at some of the twisted tales. 
In maths we are learning about money so if you pop to the shops this week maybe the children could go with you and have a chat about the money needed. You could set up a shop at home and take a picture for us!

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

A bit of barmy bubble blowing

It was recently science week in school and so we were learning through lots of fun and exciting science activities. The first one of the week was all about bubbles. We had to be bubble detectives and find out the best mixture for bubbles as we needed them to be strong,big and most importantly there needed to be lots of them! We designed our own wands as we thought it would be amazing if you could get different shapes, this didn't work though as we found out that no matter the shape of the wand, the bubble would always be a sphere.
We found out how bubbles are made and we used the air in our lungs to make bubbles for bubble art. Our art is looking beautiful.