Monday, 30 October 2017

This week's learning

We are starting a brand new English unit this week which is on fairy tales. I wonder if you can find any at home or in the library.
In maths we are finding fractions of numbers and sets of objects, why not try finding halves and quarters of Lego, pieces of fruit or even sweets as a treat.
Parents, this might even mean you could get a share!

We've got mail!

We have come back for the second half term and what an exciting start! We have had three more letters delivered. We received a letter from Abi Longstaff who told us all about the books she had written and we also now know that her favourite pudding is sticky toffee pudding. Mmmm we like that too. We also had a royal delivery from none other than Princess Charlotte who was very happy to hear from us apparently. Our final letter today was from Mike who works with the trains. He said how happy the letter had made him as it's so unusual to get a 'proper' letter these days. He also put a badge in which was very special as there were only ever 1000 made.
I think you'll agree this has really made the children see the purpose of their writing more so please let me know if they are doing this at all at home.

Friday, 20 October 2017

A Royal delivery!

We are incredibly excited today as at lunchtime we had a delivery. Mrs Virji came through from the office after the post had been delivered and she had a very special envelope for one of our class. We recently spent some time learning how to write letters and we all chose someone we would like to write to. How exciting that our first reply was from the Queen! We can't wait to see if we get any more replies.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Bottles for science week.

For science week we would like to do an experiment but we will need small plastic water bottles. We don't need the water! If you bring one in,that would be great!

Pudding Lane under construction

As you can see the boxes you brought in have gone to good use! We have been finding out about the houses that would have been in London in 1666 and using this knowledge to build our own Pudding Lane. We will be painting on the doors and windows soon. You can see how well we have worked together. 
We wonder what will happen next in Pudding Lane?!