Friday, 20 May 2016

Year 2 have gone Computing crazy!

Year 2 had a bit of an iPad crazy week this week.

Firstly, we used the iPads as part of our maths lesson alongside the Bee bots. We were looking at position, direction and movement in maths. We used the programmable Bee bots to follow instructions and then navigate to a given shape in the classroom. We then used the iPads and played on the Bee bot app. This uses instructional and navigation skills to get the bees to a flower.

On Thursday afternoon in Computing, we then used the iPads as part of our 'evaluating creative devices' unit. We are comparing real life painting, using 'Finger Paint' app on the iPads and the 'Paint' app on the laptops. We discovered that the 'Finger Paint' app was easy to use but it had many areas which could be improved. Once our evaluation and comparison is complete, Year 2 will share their findings!